Monday, July 7, 2014


It has been about 6 months since I have last posted on this blog! Where has the time gone? The last 6 months of my life were absolutely crazy with finishing the hardest year of high school. But no worries, I am back, and even here to share the autographs I received in between that time. I had taken a break with sending letters as I was really busy, but within the last couple of weeks(after school ended for the summer) I have started sending letters again. More good news is that I bought an amazing camera; one that allows me to take detailed photos of the autographs. Let me know what you think of the camera in the comments :)

For all of the following autographs I sent a LOR(letter), SASE(self addressed stamped envelope), and the pictures for them to sign. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions regarding the autographs(such as what address I used).

Aidan Turner(TTM)

Mark Hadlow(TTM)

Jed Brophy(TTM)

Geoffrey Rush(TTM)

Timothy Spall(TTM, Presigned)

Ian Hart(TTM)

Billy Nighy(TTM, Presigned)

Domnhall Gleeson(TTM)

Naomie Harris(TTM)

Natalia Tena(TTM)

Adrian Rawlins(TTM)

Maggie Smith(TTM)


  1. What address did you use for Maggie Smith??

    1. For Maggie Smith I used the following address:
      Maggie Smith
      Independent Talent Group Ltd.
      40 Whitfield Street
      London W1T 2RH

      She is also filming at the moment so you could also send to her at the following address:
      Maggie Smith
      "Downton Abbey - Season 5" (Until Aug 15 2014)
      Ealing Studios
      Ealing Green
      London, W5 5EP

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