Friday, December 7, 2012


Since I last made a blog post, I have received a few new successes! I received TTM successes from Shirley Henderson(HP's Moaning Myrtle), Zoe Wanamaker(HP's Madame Hooch), Toby Jones(HP's Dobby), and Tom Kane(Clone Wars voice of Yoda)! I also acquired three other autographs; one from Carrie Fisher(Star Wars Princess Leia Organa), Mark Hamill(Star Wars Luke Skywalker), and Ashley Eckstein(Clone Wars Voice of Ahsoka Tano)! I bought the Clone Wars authentic Ashley Eckstein autograph from her website came with the limited edition Chewbacca Christmas pin). The Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher autographs are also authentic and were given to me from a friend! Carrie Fisher has been one of my most wanted autographs for years now!